United Way of
Rockland County

Community Needs Assessment

The United Way of Rockland County (UWRC) is pleased to present the results from the 2014 Focus Groups. The UWRC strives to increase the value and impact of community supports and resources through collaborations that advance the common good for people who live and work in Rockland County. The UWRC envisions a community where individuals and families have the skills to achieve a quality education, economic security, and a healthy lifestyle.

This report presents a snapshot of Rockland County's demographics, health and human service needs, and potential solutions to the identified needs. The report is a compilation of research and data from community residents, community leaders, health and human services providers, stakeholders, and government entities/employees.

A series of four focus groups were conducted: Health Focus Group, Income Focus Group, Education Focus Group, and Rockland County Government Focus Group.

This report establishes key areas of need in the UWRC's three target areas of education, income, and health that can be addressed through collaboration, strategic funding, coordination of resources/services, increased communication, and expanded knowledge of and access to available community resources. The UWRC intends to use the information in this report to help guide future fund distribution and foster community collaboration in the three target areas.