United Way of
Rockland County

2021 Spring Days of Caring

The United Way of Rockland County is deeply appreciative for the generous 2021 Spring Day of Caring sponsorships we received from our business and community partners. The businesses, colleges and organizations reflected below are true examples of what it means to LIVE UNITED!

The 2021 Spring Days of Caring, which took place between April 19th - 30th, was especially rewarding this year due to the sheer number of people who wanted to participate and the enthusiasm surrounding the various volunteer projects offered. This program resulted in some significant impacts:

  • 430 volunteers participated representing 23 different organizations
  • 1290 volunteer hours were logged with a value of $40,364
  • 16 nonprofit and community organizations benefitted
  • A new program was piloted, entitled, "Volunteer in the Moment" at the Palisades Center on April 24th, providing patrons the opportunity to spontaneously volunteer
  • "Career Conversations" webinars were piloted, connecting high school and college students with Pfizer executives who shared their personal, educational and professional paths which led them to their current positions in the fight against COVID-19
  • On-site volunteer events were provided at local venues including the Palisades Center and Spring Valley Target stores, bringing volunteer opportunities into the retail workplace
  • Numerous volunteer projects were completed with a value of $19,900:

    • 2,200 kits were assembled by UWRC volunteers including 800 Children's Activity Kits for local Pediatric Emergency Rooms and 1400 Weekend Snack Pack Kits for children and families facing food insecurity
    • Donation drives resulted in enough food items to assemble 260 Weekend Snack Pack Kits
    • 100 handmade cards were created for isolated, home bound senior citizens
    • 125 drawings were completed for people facing loneliness or other challenges
    • 75 encouragement bookmarks were designed for children learning to read
    • 75 tote bags and 50 dog chews were made from gently used t-shirts to promote recycling, reusing and repurposing
    • Six on-site projects completed at Rockland County nonprofits took place including outdoor clean-ups, planting flowers and shrubs, and carpentry repairs

UWRC is extremely grateful to all volunteers who shared their time and energy with the community during the 2021 Spring Days of Caring.

Highlights of the 2021 Spring Days of Caring

UWRC Day of Caring Video


Rockland BOCES Student Designs 2021 Spring Days of Caring Logo

Congratulations to Landon Ramirez, whose artwork was chosen as the official logo of the 2021 Spring Days of Caring! Landon has shown tremendous promise in the field of digital design and his artwork was chosen from among 25 other design submissions for its originality, thoroughness of design, and for capturing the spirit of the UWRC Spring Days of Caring. His design has been included in event flyers, UWRC social media posts and the 2021 Spring Days of Caring t-shirt distributed to more than 400 volunteers.

Landon is a Senior in the Suffern Central School District and a Rockland CTEC student. He is completing his second year in the Digital Design & Marketing Program at Rockland BOCES and has successfully passed two Adobe Certification Exams and is currently working toward a third Adobe Certification. Landon has been a member of SkillsUSA, a National Vocational Club, and plans to attend college to pursue the field of Digital Media.