United Way of
Rockland County

2020 Hope for the Holidays Program

The UWRC 2020 Hope for the Holidays Program addresses the needs of struggling Rockland County families by connecting them with donors who can provide gifts and everyday necessities during the holiday season. This program focuses on families who are uncertain how they will celebrate the holidays or provide their children with basic needs. This uncertainty significantly increased during the 2020 holiday season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the outpouring of generosity from the Rockland County community was not only amazing but heartwarming, and the impact was noteworthy:

  • 150 + donors participated - individuals, families, community organizations and businesses.
  • 660 individuals were served.
  • New clothing, footwear, bedding, household items, blankets, car seats, books, toys, and gift cards were donated, valued at $71,345.

UWRC is especially grateful to the numerous individuals and organizations that participated in the 2020 Hope for the Holidays Program including the Clarkstown Central School District, Clarkstown Family Resource Center, Congers Bike Shop, Congers Fire Department, Crystal Run Healthcare, IKEA, Innovative Plastics, Inserra ShopRite, Orangeburg Fire Department, Praxair Linde, Inc., Pay Serv Corporation, and Senator James Skoufis.

This program showcases how partnership and collaboration can positively impact Rockland County families in need. Thank you to all the people who were willing to share their good fortune and give to those who need it most!


Words of Gratitude and Appreciation

"I just wanted to say I appreciate United Way coming through for me, helping me and my family out this year during the Holidays. It has been a very, very tough year financially for me as a single parent. I wanted to get gifts for my kids and the Hope for the Holidays program came through for me. So, I just want to send a special thanks to everyone who donated and volunteered for this program. I am so appreciative!"

"I am glad I found out about the UWRC Hope for the Holidays program because it has been wonderful for my kids and family. God bless everyone for the help. I pray for everyone especially now when things are so hard for so many families. I have medical issues and my wife lost her job due to the Coronavirus. We are always struggling but thanks to God we are making it! Thank you!"

"I am so grateful for the Hope for the Holidays program helping my family. I am very happy for the bicycle for my son. Thank you so much!"

"The Hope for the Holidays program is helping a lot, especially this year, which has been very, very difficult. Everything you have done I appreciate it and say thanks. It is something we really need. I haven't been working the same number of hours since the Coronavirus, so our income is lower than it used to be. So thank you UWRC, and all the people who gave, for helping me and my family."